Monday, June 09, 2008

Swap Loot - Coaster Swap

Wow! I got loot! This is my first ever swap anywhere.

It's from Joye in Tennessee and it was from a coaster swap in a Yahoo! crocheters group.

Joye sent not one coaster, but three! Well, two coasters and a huggy thingy to wrap around my POM Tea glass. I'm already finding uses for my coasters on my desk at work.

She also sent four tea bags and two sugar-free iced tea mixes. (I think she's been reading my blog. She didn't send any sweets at all. Good going, Joye!)

Plus, she sent this little bookmark thingy she calls a book thong, which she invented. It's made of gauzy ribbon that's hard to see in the picture, but you can see the beads. It's kind of winding among the coasters.

Last -- but not least -- she sent a magnetic note pad. I've got it on my cubicle wall now.

I have to comment on the note pad. It's kind of a testament to the age we live in. It's got a picture of a lighthouse at the end of a street full of Cape Cod style houses with a big palm tree between two of the houses. It's called "Tropical Lighthouse" and the design is by Bradley Hales Clark. It's printed in China for a company called "Notations" located in Yarmouth, Maine.

I'm in San Francisco. Joye is in Tennessee. And we met on the Internet.

How global can one thing be?

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