Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Shower, San Francisco Style

I got a two-week advance notice for a baby shower and panicked.

Then I found this poncho pattern that looked like it might work up fast. I started it with yarn I had on hand. Of course, the only way it would be "right" for a San Franciscan baby was to leave off the hood and add fringe. (That Summer of Love Yarn Swap is playing with my head.)

A few days' worth of BART rides and the poncho was complete (except for the fringe, which seemed to take forever -- a whole Saturday shot, at least). Plus I got the bright idea of putting a peace sign medallion on the front and embroider a "chain" for it. As time got closer, though, I decided to opt for whatever applique I could find that looked remotely hippyish.

The result:

When I started on the matching pants, another lightbulb went off and I fringed them, too.

Only thing is, when I showed them to a very wise (and not-very-tactful) Chinese grandmother, she shouted, "Too small. Baby BIG. I know."

Considering how tall the dad-to-be is, I'm afraid she might be right.

I'm hoping maybe they'll put him in this when they take him home from the hospital. Then he'll at least get a day's wear out of it.

In case you're wondering, I taped the baby doll's eyes open. It looked so wrong to have them shut when I was photographing her.


PipneyJane said...

That outfit is very cute, MOI. I hope the mother-to-be loved it.

- Pam (Loved the fringed pants)

Myownigloo said...

Yes, she did. Her mother has promised me digital photos of her opening the present that I can publish here, so stay tuned.

KC said...

I bet the baby can wear it a little while at least. Especially the poncho. Very nice!

Myownigloo said...

Ha ha! Yes, I suggested that to the mom at the shower but HER mom sounded as though it was going to go straight into a glass-covered display case and never get worn. Nice compliment, but gee, I made it to wear!

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