Monday, June 09, 2008


Last weekend when I was on my way home from errands, determined to finish some UFOs that afternoon and not start any new projects until I had cleared my stash, what should I see but a sign, "Estate Sale," and an address in a very nice neighborhood between me and home.

Hmmmm, in a house that size, maybe they had a yarn stash, thought I.

When I got to the house and saw how many stairs I was going to have to climb, I opted to ask the first couple coming out whether they'd seen any knitting supplies. "Look in the basement," said the woman, "I think I saw something like that down there."

Sure enough, up the stairs and down the stairs into the basement went I, and when I reached the bottom of the stairs, I gasped so loud that these Korean ladies hovering over the yarn stash looked at me as though I'd farted.

There on a table at the bottom of the stairs were eight banana boxes full of needlecraft magazines! I was in heaven looking through them! They dated from the 1990s back to Lord knew how far and no one was even giving them a second glance.

I chose the ones I wanted, while I waited for the Korean ladies to finish with the yarn. They took it all except eight skeins of orange acrylic. Oh, well. (Halloween isn't that far off and DD and all her friends could use some pumpkin place mats, I'm sure.)

On my way out, I asked the estate sale guy what he'd do with the magazines at the end of the sale?

His answer, "Sell them to you for cheap." Ha ha. Cute.

"No, really," I said, "I have friends who knit and I want to tell them where to find them. What will you do with them after the sale?"

"Chuck 'em," he said.

Heaven forefend!

So it turned out he was right. I went back the next day at the end of the sale and he sold me what was left of them for $20.

They sat piled in my living room for a week while DH and I tried carefully to tiptoe between them to get here and there without breaking our necks.

Over the weekend, I managed to clear out space in my closet for them.

Bottom line: I didn't manage to keep my resolution about not starting something new before finishing the old, but at least I now can see my closet floor!

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