Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Squashed Blossom Purse

Everything I have to say about this purse I said here, on the Lion Brand site.

In case that link doesn't work, this is the story.

I wanted to make something special for a little girl I know. I found this purse and thought it was cute.

I started crocheting it up and it was coming out very special. Like so:

But I thought it should be lined. A purse should be lined, right?

Well, if I lined it, I'd need to stiffen it to hold up to the lining, right?

So I interfaced the pieces with fusible interfacing. This squashed all the beautifully crocheted (if I do say so myself) stitches.

Then I needed to sew the two halves together, but because they were fused, I couldn't match the sides stitch for stitch, the way I could have done had I not interfaced the blessed thing.

So then it looked really ugly and needed a lining, which turned out nearly impossible to do because by the time you make it so the lining doesn't show around the petals, you don't have much room for the inside of a purse. Good thing it was for a child's hand.

Finally, I sewed a snap in it to close. The final product was a little wonky. What with all the weight I added, it threw the balance of the purse off and it doesn't hang like a purse when you pick it up by the handle.

Looks good hanging from a chair, though.

And I remembered to put a penny in it before I gave it to her.

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Jzbeanie said...

Love it! I forgot all about putting a penny in a purse before you give it to someone! I think my Grandma did that!