Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look At My Psychedelic Loot!

I got my first Summer of Love package from my super sneaky secret pal! She made me think she was someone by her emails and then her package return address made me think she wasn't that person and now I have no idea who she is at all.

She might not even be a she! (Totally appropros for a San Francisco swap.)

I tried to take a photo that would do all the goodies justice and failed, I'm afraid. (Though not bad enough to give this post a failure label, you'll notice.)

Here's the first pic:

Not a very pleasing presentation visually, eh? Yeah, I thought that too.

Here's what was in my package though! The description'll get you drooling.

Clockwise from the center top of photo:

  • A box of floral notecards and envelopes.

  • A hang-in-the-window-faux-stained-glass-window thingy. (I think it's called a sun catcher but I get sun catchers mixed up with dream catchers.) Anyway, whatever its name, it's totally wonderful and will get good use because I have lots of windows!

  • Two -- two -- skeins of Patons SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) yarn in Rose Natural ombre colorway. It's soft as a baby's bum and very luscious looking but like its new owner, not very photogenic.

  • Two -- again, two -- skeins of Caron Span bamboo blend yarn in a colorway called Ocean Spray, which is even softer than the Patons SWS if you can believe it and has a lovely sheen to it that my Secret Pal pointed out to me.

  • A lovely note (barely visible pink paper under the Spa yarn).

  • A spectacular Hairy Zoo pen by inkology that lights up when you whack its head! Lots of fun and a good outlet for work frustrations.

  • The most appropros and themefully delicious bandana for a Summer of Love yarn swap. Like, Totally Copacetic, Man. Right on!

  • A barely visible (and not long for this earth) bag of yogurt pretzels.

So, like I said, I decided the presentation lacked balance and aesthetics, so being the True Artist that I am, I did it over again.

Except by this time, the yogurt pretzel bag had *ahem* accidentally gotten opened so I had to put the *ahem* remaining pretzels in a bowl.

Then I decided wouldn't it be cool to whack the Hairy Zoo pen's head and make him light up while I was taking the photo!

Except the flashing lights made movement which made for a fuzzy photo:

I'm sure sorry about all that.

But (I decided again), I simply must capture the design on that kerchief. So the following photo is my final say on the matter after I say,

I have the best Sumer of Love Secret Pal in the

Whole Wide World!


Cami said...

wow, what a fantastic package. Love that yarn, so lucky. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Myownigloo said...

Well, the turquoise DK will definitely be for baby stuff, booties or sacques.

The soy/wool is 1/2 what I need to do a spiral scarf that's featured in Ravelry so I dropped a very unsubtle, very gauche "hint" to my Secret Pal that if she wants to put the same yarn in my next two packages, it's okay by me! Otherwise, I'll just have to get creative.