Friday, September 09, 2005

Stick by Stick

I didn't post my progress report after weigh-in on Wednesday. Current events made my weight-loss efforts seem too petty a subject, and there were already more than enough words flying around about the current events themselves. To add to them would have been meaningless.

So I gave $100 to a volunteer who needed air fare and called it a day.

Still, the weight-loss news is good. I lost 0.8 pounds last week for a total weight loss of 27.8 pounds.

It takes a little bit of creativity to take comfort in a less-than-a-pound loss in a week.

What does it for me is butter.

Butter is pure fat that comes in quarter-pound sticks. Whenever my week's loss is 0.2 pounds or 0.5 pounds or 0.8 pounds, I imagine the equivalent in butter. Am I happy to have lost the equivalent in fat of over 3 sticks of butter last week?

You betcha!

I just imagine those sticks of butter and then I melt them down in my mind and see how much ghee they make. Then I imagine the fat in my body melting and the ghee flowing out of it and puddling at my feet.

One great thing about imagination: the cleanup's a snap.

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