Thursday, September 15, 2005

Everyone's Favorite City Disappoints MOI

It seems the world is conspiring to drive me to cookies.

Sometimes it's hard to believe I live in a major metropolitan area. We're talking San Francisco, fer Pete's sake! I mean, how do they get off calling it The City?!

Unless you're into the bar scene, the sidewalks roll up here even earlier than some of the one-horse towns where I lived in the Midwest.

My DD is visiting us in October from L.A. and there is not. one. single. musical. theatrical. performance. in San Francisco during the week she'll be here.

Not one!

She's missed Wicked and now Annie and she's too early for any of the holiday stuff.

Of course, there's Teatro ZinZanni but I refuse to pay those outrageous ticket prices and pay an additional $10 for a "dinner fee" once I get there. Maybe I'm just cheap, but I'm perfectly willing to let the tourists spring for those tickets.

I thought it was going to have to be Beach Blanket Babylon or nothing, but then I found this an hour's drive away:

Little Women with Maureen McGovern.

Perfect! We drive down for an evening show, spend the night in a hotel so we don't have to worry about driving home too late, and voila! The perfect mother-daughter night.

Don't make me sing it alone, now...

"Do you know the way to San Jose?" La, la-la-la la LA la la la-la la-la.

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