Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Only Turn 40 Once, Right?

Happy Birthday, Beth!

We had a birthday party at work today for one of my coworkers, Beth.

Her family is back East in Ohio, snowed in.  They were planning on surprising her with a visit for her 40th birthday, but the weather had other ideas.  So instead, they sent her a Birthday in a Box that we're all enjoying.  (What a family, eh?)

Someone made her hat out of some of the cellophane wrapping paper from the box and a paper plate.  (A propos of nothing, did you know that cellophane used to be a trademark?  It lost its trademark status because too many people used it generically.  Just like what happened to zipper and what will probably happen to Kleenex® tissues someday....)

She's holding the candles backwards on purpose, thinking maybe people will think she's 4.

Behaviorwise, I guess that's not far off.

She did her best Fosse imitation right after this picture was shot.  It's a good thing she has a day job.

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EliCa said...

I want that hat.
that is all.