Monday, January 26, 2009

Warm You Up Winter Swap Blog Question #3 (West Coast Version

What would you do to stay warm and cozy while it’s snowing?

Yes, I remember snow.  And ice.  I'm an Illinois child, remember?

People who don't live in California often think that I live in a sunny clime.  But San Francisco is not often sunny, and it's not at all the balmy paradise that folks imagine.

One of the pastimes here in the summer, especially in July, is watching the tourists shiver their way around town in their wholly inapproriate attire:  shorts and sandals.  They don't often think to bring winter gear, but July is actually our coldest month.

I caught pneumonia in San Francisco when I first visited here in July of 1966.  I had spent the day before in Sacramento where it was 106 degrees in the shade, got the worst sunburn of my life (3rd degree in places), and then came to San Francisco where my all-weather raincoat was insufficient to keep me warm, especially considering the temperature of my skin.

Still, I haven't seen much snow here except on the mountaintops or on a trip to Tahoe or Reno.

What I used to do to keep warm was to bake.  I still do that here, even this past weekend.  I'll bake or roast something and then prop the oven door open and let the air get warmed up by the leftover heat.  Sometimes I even stand in front of it, warming my hands and behind, until it's all cooled down.

Also in the running:

  • Wearing a very fluffy warm bathrobe;
  • Taking hot, hot baths;
  • Wearing woolen socks or houseslippers with a cuppa tea;
  • Wrapping myself in an electric blanket with a cuppa cocoa;
  • Snuggling with a) a cat; b) two cats; c) a reluctant husband (who is cold-blooded anyway so he isn't much good to me in these circumstances).
Bonus:  a picture of my Christmas cactus right before Christmas.  I raised it from an accidental cutting that got knocked off of a hostess gift I took to a Christmas party in 2007.  The cutting was just three sections long.  Look at how big it got!  You can just see its first bud forming.


Brenda said...

Ah, so you're a baker too! I would ask you to save me a piece of that pumpkin bread, except you might actually do it :-)

Myownigloo said...

Oh, Brenda, there are limits to my insanity. I sent most of it with DH to his office. It was much appreciated.

Pam said...

Sounds like you know how to keep warm. And I've heard that about San Francisco.

Right now it's snowing like crazy in Ohio. We are expecting 6 - 8 inches!

I, too, am a snuggler when it's cold and am thankful for my doggie dog who warms up my side of the bed.

Keep warm!