Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vote on a Brooch

I promised you in the post Ravelry Swap on a Budget Great Reveal that I would show you the brooch I had bought to go along with the shawl that Beth of Needle Bling fame knit me.
Not only did I buy a handmade brooch that matched the shawl perfectly, but I also found that I had two others in my brooch stash that also matched.

(My coworker Maria, who was there when I opened the package, wants me to tell you that I wear this shawl at work practically every single day.)  I alternate brooches on it depending on what I'm wearing or what mood I'm in.

So, vote for your favorite brooch and win a prize!

Here's how.

Vote by leaving a comment with your Ravelry ID or an email address or website, a way to contact you in other words.  (It's not a contest, really.  More like a drawing.  I'll put all the names in a hat or a shoe or a bucket and draw one.)

First prize is something crocheted by me.  (Don't get too excited.  It'll probably be a cotton wash cloth or a soap saver or something equally banal.)  First place winner can choose from something I've already made (which isn't much) or negotiate for a particular item in a particular color, as long as you are willing to allow time for me to make it.

Second prize is Kool-Aid dyed alpaca yarn from Needle Bling.  100% sport weight alpaca yarn from Frog Tree Yarn. Two 50-gram skeins, approximately 260 yards.  (Photo courtesy of Needle Bling.)

Third prize will be a $10 gift certificate from Needle Bling.

Refer your friends to this contest and get an extra entry for you and for them.  They just have to mention in the contest that they were referred and by whom.

Here are the choices:

Brooch #1:

This is the handmade brooch I bought the weekend before I got the shawl.  It has a jade backing behind white filligree with a bird in the center.  I'm not sure what the white is or how it is made.  And since your vote doesn't affect the contest, I don't mind telling you that this is my favorite.
Brooch #2:
This is a brooch I found on eBay. It just caught my fancy. It is a faux Victorian brooch with a cameo center. The bright green doesn't go quite as well with the shawl, but I still like it.

Brooch #3:
This brooch was a little lagniappe that someone on eBay sent me when I purchased some clothing from her store.  I love it.
There you have it.  Vote by the end of January and I'll announce the winner on February 2nd.


Beth123B said...

Don't put me into the contest, because that would be kind of silly, but I like the third brooch best.

Beth ("of Needle Bling fame")(grin)

nopinkhere said...

Given that you wear it mostly at work, I pick #1. I like the starfish too, but it's a little more casual.

Katie said...

I vote for the third one... I just like stars :)


ania65 on ravelry said...

i like no.3 best
can;t really say why...but i do

Anonymous said...

The starfish is my favorite, too!

Anne said...

I like the third one the best too.
Then I like number 1. :)

~retroversa on Ravelry

Arlene said...

I like the star one -- #3. Things that are asymmetrical always appeal to me, and I like the speckly colors of it as well. It really works well with the shawl.

Arlene (aka Arlene on Ravelry. Aren't I boring?)

Anonymous said...

The starfish stands out the most and complements the stitch and color; the first brooch is the most elegant; the second one, which looks fancy, gets a little lost. So, 3, 1, 2!
-- jollypyrate on Ravelry

*~*One's Journey thru Surrogacy*~* said...

I like number 3 the best. It stands out the most.

Sara - AussiesPrincess on Ravelry.

irishdans said...

I totally love #3!!

Katelyn said...

I agree with you, and like the first one best, with the second as a close runner-up.

Lynoleum on Ravelry

Cindy said...

I have to go with the starfish too (#3) as the best. My second choice though is the cameo (#2). I'm partial to cameos because I still have my great-grandmother's cameo.

CinLove on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I am voting for brooch #3. I think it suits the texture of the knit fabric. The first one is really nice too, but too round, too conforming. The second one is very pretty also but may go better with something else you have. Yes I'm definitely voting for #3.
Manitoba2ct (Brenda)

Yvonne said...

I really like Brooch #3 with the first as runner up.

Yvoncita on Ravelry (SOAB)

Angela said...

I personally love the 3rd one - but then again, i always like the unusual. :) ~mkvral

Emily said...

I vote for #3. I just love stars!
-mcbridetwo on Ravelry

funlovingal (Ravelry) said...

I vote for brooch #3 as it is different.

xGvJx on Ravelry said...

My favorite is number 3, a little whimsical and cute :)

Sophie said...

I choose the third one, I love evrything with stars :)

Fiera Firenze said...

I also like the third brooch best. It's different and adds a bit of pizazz to the shawl.

KerBear on Ravelry

Donna said...

I like number 1 the best then number three. I agree that the starfish is more casual. I like number 2 because I LOVE cameo's but it doesn't quite go with the shawl. But it would be great to wear with other things. So my vote for fav with the shawl is number 1

-Donna-aka Tangled1 on Ravelry

Brenda said...

I like #3 the best, too. It's more delicate and graceful, but also has a whimsical touch.


Srividya said...

Brooch No.3 is the prettiest and I will vote for it.:)

Amy said...

I like the third one (the star-shaped one) best!

amychristy from SOAB

KnitWit said...

The star is my favorite! Also I enjoyed reading your blog and you're going on my blogs to watch. =)

RavID: beautyisntperfect

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the third one, too - although they're all lovely!

SariLynn on ravelry (and in real life :)

brianbabymam said...

I like the star one best^__^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this fun contest!

I'm voting for brooch #1. Though #3 is a close runner-up for me. The big star is just fun! :)

BTW, the wedding flowers are lovely. The hydrangea is beautiful.

Purlescence(Ravelry ID) :)

anna said...

I really like the 3rd one. I like the star shape......and it just looks the best to me.

knitterPat said...

I vote for brooch#3.

Susan said...

I have to agree with the crowd - I like #3 the starfish best with the shawl. the other two are lovely but the color of the starfish really pops with the yarn/stitch pattern of the shawl.

-susan- griffgirls on ravelry

Christine said...

thesailingknitter votes for the starfish - go figure

sedna said...

seawmn votes for brooch # 2
I always had a soft spot for cameos!