Friday, January 23, 2009

An Act of Swapper Love

Today I got my first package from my swap partner in the Warm Ewe Up Winter Swap:

  • Look past the yummy yarns (Burgundy cotton and Tofutsies in a lovely lavendar ombre).
  • Look past the portable crochet pattern booklets (with the adorable ducky and dinosaur baby toys inside that only I know about....  Wait a minute.  I just told you about them.  Well, only I have seen them.)
  • Look past the pretty notes...
  • Look past the bottle of natural, unscented Eucalan no rinse, delicate wash laundry concentrate (which I've never seen before and which I can't wait to try!)
  • Look past the Dove chocolates -- Yes!  I said look past Dove ChocolatesMe!  MOI!  I SAID THAT! (Yeah, I don't believe it either.)
See that card at the top of the photo?  The one with the picture of the knitwitch with her sweet cat riding a knitting needle to the stars?

That is a loving work of art from my swap partner.  What a warm and loving letter she sent to me -- a virtual stranger!

And get this line she wrote about the laundry concentrate:  "Please forgive the dented bottle.  I fell down the stairs this morning on my way out to work and dropped the bag."

Wow.  The mind boggles.

First of all, I do hope she's okay.  Those soft tissue injuries can sneak up on you later.

But get this.  She's told me -- her secret pal -- that she fell down the stairs.  She has given up her rights to post on Ravelry about her injuries and thus garner sympathy from all of us loving knitters and crocheters or else risk outing herself to me.

Now that's an Act of Love.


Secret Pal said...

I'm so glad you liked your package and that it could make your day just a little brighter! I wasn't sure what to get you since you said you didn't really "need" anything, so it makes me happy to know it went over well.

I can't take credit for the knit witch, I bought those at SOAR (Spin Off Autumn Retreat) last October. I saw them and just had to have 'em.

I'm fine too, by the way. More my pride (and my ankle) were bruised, thank you for thinking of me. :) The bottle got the worst of it!

- Secret Pal

Brenda said...

Nice loot, MOI!

So, is there any chocolate left ?


Myownigloo said...

Ha! You know me better than that!

Actually, it's in the "bird feeder" on my desk and my coworkers have been helping me "hide" it from myself.

Myownigloo said...

Secret Pal, the stationery is purty but the Work of Art I was referring to was what was written inside. ;&hearts