Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Target Now in the Sights

You wouldn't know it by this photo, but this dress is drop-dead gorgeous!

I found it on eBay (permission to use the photo given by the seller). It's red plaid rayon and the bodice and sleeves are embroidered all over with a filigree pattern in black which isn't visible in the photo.

It's a size smaller than I am.

I realized that my progress began to slow after I had lost enough to fit into a pair of jeans I loved. I still had two more pairs of jeans that were a bit smaller, but I didn't care for their styles.

So rather than aiming for the size, it appears I should have been aiming for the specific article of clothing that inspired me.

This oughta do it.

I've bought the accessories to go with it so that the day it finally fits is the day I get to wear it.

Onederland*, here I come!

*Onederland: That place where all your weigh-ins are under 200 pounds.

1 comment:

Myownigloo said...

11/23/05: It fits just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!