Friday, July 29, 2005

Blogspot Is Evil

I tried posting to my blog from home this morning and I couldn't.

Blogspot said that I didn't have java script or cookies enabled on my browser.

Not true. I checked. I double checked. I closed the brower and reopened it.

Blogspot still wouldn't let me log in.

Then I recalled that yesterday at work while I was browsing through the blogs, hitting "next blog, next blog, next blog" suddenly something started streaming into the line at the bottom of the screen.

So I quick did an anti-virus check of the C drive and found out an Adware thingie had been added RIGHT THEN -- right then when I saw the streaming.

So I.T. had to run Spybot and they found hundreds of these things in my system.

Boy did things speed up after they were finished!

So I'm thinking my super-duper internet protection at home was keeping Blogspot from opening because they couldn't install that Adware thingie on my computer at home.

So I'm left on the horns of a dilemma. A moral quandary. A tough decision.

Do I keep blogging on my breaks and lunch hour and after hours at work knowing full well that I'm leaving my employer's computer open to this stuff and clogging it up with Adware?

Or do I let the guard down on my Internet protection at home enough that I can blog, leaving my personal computer open to attack?

Sometimes I hate having been a Girl Scout.

I know the answer.

I can't blog anymore. Period. It just isn't ethical any way I slice it.

So unless I find out there's a way to fix all this so I can have my cake and eat it, too (oh, spare me the diet metaphors!) I have to quit this blog.

If you want updates on the weight loss, email me (if you know my address). Everybody else, sorry. 'Bye.

Jo Anne


Kara said...

Hey MOI,

I hope all is well. I haven't seen you around and I've been thinking about you.


Myownigloo said...

Hmmm. Kara, I've been sending you emails. Are you checking all your mailboxes? Maybe you'd better send me an updated address.

wrnglrjan said...

May I suggest that you just not click "next blog next blog next blog"? A lot of free blogs are really advertisements bordering on spam.

I use Adaware and Spybot and blogspot and have seen no such activity based on my blogging.

Blogger is a little flaky (sorry, blogger, but it is). I have trouble logging in sometimes, too, and it doesn't matter whether I'm at home or at work or what. I think you're overthinking a coincidence.