Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Other Crafting News

I spent the weekend creating bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for a very elegant wedding (for less than wealthy people).

It is my second favorite craft to crocheting.  At least today it is.

When I have received the promised digital photos from the photographer, I will post more details.  Meanwhile, all I have are these two inadequate shots of the bride's bouquet that I took with my cell phone.

Note the entwined crystal heart beads if you can find them.  They were my favorite creative touch.  I included a matched pair in the groom's boutonniere.  He smiled when I told him.

Well, the first wedding pics are in and I'm adding one of them below.  You can just make out the amethyst hearts in both the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere.


Tamsie said...

I love how you included peonies and hydrangeas (sp?). Tres original. Is this a weekend job or labor of love?

Myownigloo said...

You spelled hydrangeas correctly.

This is a labor of love. I love working with flowers and the groom's family are very close friends.

Besides, so many people contributed to keeping the costs down on my own DD's wedding, I do all I can to pay it forward.

Sue said...

Lovely flowers! The bride must have been thrilled with her beautiful bouquet!

Myownigloo said...

Thank you, Sue. Yes, she was very happy with it. There were positive comments all around re the flowers, but especially from the groomsmen who got very manly thistle boutonnieres. The family men who got the rose boutonnieres were jealous of the groomsmen!