Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hello, I'm Jo Anne and I'm a Swapaholic

I have so many crochet projects clanging around in my head daily that today I decided to be a legal secretary about being a crocheter.

I sat down and started -- *gasp* -- a list!

Then I checked all my online places where I get involved with swaps (mostly Rav, of course), and gathered them all up and put them on the list.

Then I put in every charity I had promised a crocheted item.

Then I put in every baby and wedding gift upcoming.

Then I put in every birthday and holiday gift upcoming.

Then I printed it out.

Then I thought of a gazillion more projects I'd forgotten to put on there that I'd bought yarn/patterns for.

I tried putting due dates on them but most of them said ASAP.

I'm in trouble. Deep, deep trouble. So I started my 12-step program today (is there a pattern for that?)

Anyway, meanwhile, I received another swap package. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Barbara from the Atmyhouse Yahoo! group who sent me two scrunchies in colors I just happen to LOVE and a bunch of recipes*, all of which I happen to LOVE, and candy ('nuff said) and a pencil and an emory board, and -- well, just look at the picture and see for yourself.

*(I am learning so much from participating in these swaps. I never would have thought to include recipes! And I love receiving them. I will definitely use these!)

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