Thursday, July 15, 2010

Labor of Love

I cannot believe it took me seven months to find the time to get back here after I reported back in December 2009.

The least I can do is show everyone what I'd been working on all that time I was gone.  (It's actually been finished a few months now, but I'm catching up with the rest of my life and since my osteoarthritis has taken all the cartillage out of one of my hips, I'm cane dependent and very slow.  Everything takes longer than it used to, so my time is even more precious.)

But here are photos of the friendship afghan that I assembled.  I'm sorry they aren't the best quality photos because I used my cell phone in bad light.  Still they do give the general impression of the project.

First are photos of the work in progress.  I crocheted a navy blue frame around each square so that they would more easily line up.  Then I laid out the squares on the bed until I was satisfied they would make a balanced presentation.  I had help from Booger, who was quick to take her place as project supervisor whenever she saw the squares coming out of their package.  The lirtle pieces of paper contain names of the maker of each square.

Following are photos of the final product with the name tags removed and all squares framed and assembled.  Each square was knitted or crocheted by an online friend of the recipient, a young woman widowed much too soon. It was our wish to comfort her in whatever way we could, and this was the result. Some of the squares have significance to her because they are reminiscent of her husband's likes, such as the center Tetris board.


Brenda said...

Thanks for the update! I look fwd to reading more...

C. Beth said...

Hi! I'm sorry for the confusing giveaway on my blog. I cut and pasted from a previous post and forgot to change the date, which is why it said it ended in September. Thanks; I've changed that.

The comment actually needs to be made at the giveaway site. Also, you commented saying you'd forgotten to give your email, and you didn't put it in that comment either. :) So if you can go to the giveaway itself and leave your comment there with email, that would be great.

Thanks again, & sorry for the confusion.
-C. Beth