Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Final Reveal

I am happy finally to have some time to devote to the ol' blog.  This public thank-you is long overdue.

My poor swap partner had quite a challenge in me because I have so much stuff, I have no business participating in a swap.  Yarn has become my screen monster that threatens to eat our home.  So when someone says, "What do you need?  What colors do you want?  What kind of yarn," yada yada yada, I put my hands up in a defensive gesture and scream "Noooooooooooooo!"

In spite of all that, she uncannily chose absolutely perfect gifts for me!  I'm not going to build up the suspense here because I am so excited about these fingerless gloves, I simply can't put off mentioning them:

She designed and knit them up herself and every detail was a thoughtful gesture for Yours Truly.  She tells the story of their creation better on her own blog, where I am proud that my gloves share space with Pavarotti.

I am positive she has ESP.  I was eyeing sock monkey patterns at the lys while she was choosing these pattern book to send me.  All of them are perfect for me and thoughtfully take into consideration my taste and the type of projects I do.

She is a very good photographer, too, and sent me a photo taken in her home, upstate New York, near where my own DH was born and raised.  I love it up there, and her photo captured the autumn leaves that I recall so well from the only time I ever visited there.  (A portion of the photo is barely visible under my fingers above.)

The little lamb has already found a home with the Baby in the Seafoam Booties.  The two are very good and fast friends now.

Now I have officially sworn off swaps until I have finished all my UFOs and made a dent in the yarn that threatens to push us out of house and home.


Tina M. said...

It truly makes me so happy to know the package was a bright spot in your day! You were so gracious during the whole swap, it was my pleasure to be your swap partner. :)

May you have much joy in your gifts, and I hope that one day you get to come out this way again during mid to late October. It's a magical time of year and if you DO come... come late so you can go to Rhinebeck too. :P

Brenda said...

Very nice gift, MOI. They look exquisite.

Anonymous said...

do you remember the apollo earrings giveaway from leah sakellarides on joanna's blog a few weeks ago?! well leah is giving away another beautiful piece this week on my blog, macaroni club! she is so talented, and so sweet to do this! i'd like to invite you to come visit macaroni club, and if you like this piece of leah's, sign up to win it!
xo... sarah

puggerhugger said...

sock monkeys!!!!!!!!!! do it!

Anonymous said...

very cool gloves :)